Sunday, January 04, 2009

At the Risk of Sounding Materialistic

After unpacking from a long time of living out of a suitcase I began my attempt to reorganize a room on the edge of a volcanic eruption! During my intense mission I opened my travel box of jewelry and pulled out my array of fake shinny things.... mostly earrings, in fact a LOT of earrings.
I like earrings.
Perhaps people don't know how much I REALLY like them!!!
Yet it's really not necessary that others know.
The fact is that I like them and I secretly they are the one item I'm extremely picky about. I've had so many people buy me earrings and the thought is enough to make me squeal and thank them over and over again.......but just between you and me I've rarely ever worn them! But I love the fact that they thought of me while looking at them!

Earrings are just plain pretty.


JDR said...

hmm...I wonder if I would ever do a good job and getting you a pair of earrings...

Jenee said...

did you ever like any earrings I gave you? =D