Monday, January 19, 2009

9 men in 10 seconds

Ask one man what type of pizza he would prefer.
Allow him to explain in details what he likes and dislikes.
Within a few seconds another man will pop his head out and toss in his two cents.
Three guys in unison will walk quickly around the concern to check out your list of pizza options...
Soon an accumulation of 9 men surround you. It becomes almost a ravish debate over the correct pizza choices.
Eyes stare down the other men and voices begin to lower.
Hands start flaying and chest puff out.
Thankfully we are in the 21 Century and the constraint of office wear and black shoes prohibit any onslaught of a possible death match.
The men all agree that Hawaiian is out...but MEAT is a necessary.

Silently you slip out from the midst and return to your desk...within seconds to fallow the men return to their work stations after they realize the prospects of possible pizza has left them.

Near death experience!


JDR said...

haha, ah, it makes sense now! haha...and, just a slight correction...

Fallow is a word that talks about land and agriculture and the like...what you are either meaning is:

Follow which means to go in the same direction as another right behind them type of thing...
Fellow which means other people who work with you or same race or same group of people!


Teaka said...

Tell you what! You go write your own spelling Dictonary and I'll go write my own.....who ever sells the most wins.....and I'm pretty sure I'll win!!! People fallow me!!


Jenee said...

hahaha- I love the post... and would by yur dictionary any day. =)

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