Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...trying to sound all smart...

Maybe it was the way I asked the questions that may have sparked less than enthusiastic answers with people on the street regarding the mix of religion and politics. In truth I myself haven't given this topic much thought but after todays little endeavor I think this is one area I'd need to get a little more understanding in.
Also I know that the total of 10 people for random street interviews couldn't even come close to the average Albertian or Canadian for that matter. But hearing the very churchy reply and answers happened to irritated me more than I expected.
How is it possible that we has Christian Canadians could possibly believe that our religious views should “defiantly” be involved in the Canadian Parliament when the average Christian citizen doesn't even know what they believe and just votes what the church tells them?!
They all said that they saw nothing wrong with mixing the two but obviously they haven't seen our church these days!
Of course our nation was based off biblical principles but our modern church is so estranged from the new testament church and what scripture has to say that I'd be scared to see church and politics mix!
Obviously I don't know ANYTHING regarding politics and the church but I guess it's sort of even more annoying know that there's so much more than just a few of us out there who blindly just fallow leaders and never take it into our own hands to really understand our Canadian system.

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