Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Style(?) I'm noticing something more and more.

When a magazine such as a bridal magazine or planning book lays out how to incorporate your "style" into a particular event...they categorize your style and then they show you cheap ways to create it. But if you don't know what your "style" is then they have ways to help you "find" or "developed" a uniquely “you” style.

….wait a second…what exactly are they pushing here?!

Everything that is classified, as “style” needs to be bought and creates an appearance that should apparently shows off who you and your lover really are.

How can flowers, decorations and food say who a person is?!

Apparently “style” is now STUFF!!!!! And you can only have a style if you have STUFF!!!!!

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JDR said...

heh, to throw everyone off...we could have a few different things going on!!!