Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank Goodness for Starbucks Satled Carmel Hot Chocolate

I had a Christmas cup of Starbucks hot liquid in one hand and my increasingly heavy bag containing skim milk, 3 apples and a cube of butter in the other, all the while trying to text someone with a few free fingers and trying to keep my gaze on the sidewalk so I wouldn’t trip and loose everything in my possession. The wind was defiantly picking up and becoming chillier by the minute so I attempted to swing my jacket’s hood over my head with the hand holding the groceries. The milk clunked me in the head and one apple tumbles out of the bag. After a quick sigh I chase the little apple along the sidewalk till it stops. I am able to bend down, set my cup on the sidewalk, move the hair out of my face, gently place the wounded apple back into its bag, straighten up, smooth the creases from the jacket and continue on my way. It’s a brisk darkening night and my fingers are becoming quickly cold. I pull the grocers bag further up my arms to free my hand and rub the two together briskly hoping to stir up the blood and get some heat moving. Stopping I realize something was wrong with the picture, both hands are free and they weren’t before. Quickly I turned around and there under the spotlight of a street lamp on a deserted cement sidewalk waited a Christmas cup from Starbucks. Consequently a little smile formed at the corner of my mouth and I returned for it, wrapping my numb fingers around its cheery red design.

Thank goodness for salted carmel hot chocolate!!!

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JDR said...

haha awww, that's quite the ordeal that you went through! I know what would've definitely also helped warm your hands up!!! Gloves!!! hands! ;)