Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chocolates on my Pillow

Ok this will just be a real quick blog....I promise (I'm working but my minds sort of not 100% focused)

I live with a room mate and we hardly talk any more because we have so different times and ajendas. And at the time I thought that'd be fine because then we each get our own time with the house and time alone. But last night I realized how so immature it was to be living with someone and really have no idea about the other person's life....
I'm so shallow.

I left her a message on the table the other day
The next morning I found a letter of me from her
The next day I left her a note telling her to enjoy the muffin I made
Last night I found chocolates on my pillow from her

Golly isn't it sort of sad that we have to communicate only through notes and quick "good mornings" and "hey how was your day?" in the evening before fumbling into our own bedrooms to sleep.

Yep it's very sad

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Elizabeth said...

sign*... tell me about it. The worst is when you catch your self "listening" to your room mate, having long since zoned out and realize it's a regular thing, it just tune out. Yeah I know....