Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Doesn't Even Make Sense

Perhaps I shouldn't be blogging right now....not perhaps....I mean I know I shouldn't be blogging because I am at work and there are things to be done but honestly today it's been very hard trying to get excited about what I'm working on. And it's funny because on October 2nd and 4th of last year I blogged about a product promo I was creating called “The Prophet's Dictionary” and like wise I'm in the same situation of creating a new product promotion for the same author regarding one of her new books “the Prophet's Handbook”........and it's not getting any better! GAH!!!! A whole book on understanding prophets. I'm the type of person who enjoys reading forwards and introductions to books but not today....dear Lord not today! It's like reading an operation manual. I'm pretty sure that this author has attempted to increase their own self esteem by using massive insensible words in hopes of lowering our own self esteem because we just can't understand what everything means!!!

“Another impressive fact that makes this book timely is the advent of God's apostolic restoration. Keeping with His biblical pattern, since the New Testament's inception it has been noted that the Lord always foreruns apostolic reinstatements with the prophets.”

I know that this was very basic but today I'm just not in the mood for creating a promo for a book like this! I'd be up for a book that talk about “Dick and Jan and how they run....run Jan run! Dick's dog jumps...jump dog jump!” Just not this attempt in spiritual re-education for Christian language. Ahhhh ok I'm getting a little cynical....oh gosh I need to get some fresh air soon!

Last night when driving home after thanksgiving weekend I became rather frustrated because it's so easy it is for me to not stand on issues and sort of wait for the other person to give some sort of hint of what they are thinking so I don't have to really venture out with my opinion when I'm not 100% confident in it. It's not that I don't have an opinion about whatever topic is being discussed rather there are times (more often then not) that I don't even know where I stand! And I get frustrated because obviously they want to engage in some form of intelligent conversation but I just have nothing to say. Simply because I know that when I open my mouth, instead of speaking my mind I'm speaking my thoughts in progress and what I'm saying isn't at all the conclusion that I'm trying to get too. I know that I need time to really understand my thoughts and to organize things on paper (I'd like to thank the person who invented journals!) so I fully am aware of where I stand on something. Other wise I just nod and agree with the person in the passenger seat because I just don't feel like trying to verbalize my cluttered thoughts or correcting you on a topic because though I have a solution or opinion it's like it's not really there to speak out until I really understand it for myself. Normally what might come out isn't exactly what I believe I just need to proper rephrase things so I'm not misinterpreted.
Somedays I just don't make any sense even to myself!!!!!!!

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