Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Disappointed This Morning

Normally I have great days or more or less that I choose to and if anything disappointing happens I can shake it off and focus on “happy thoughts.” But today I'm just disappointed and for no good reason really.

!!!!od ot else tahw wonk t'nod I tub yenom erom yna dnepxe t'nac tsuj I erutuf ym eht rof efil ym ni gnignahc ylbissop era sgniht that won tuB .gninetraehsid gnimoceb si regnol ylbaborp dna...raey lluf a tsomla rof siht ekil gnieb fo thgouht ehT


JDR said...

I lvoe you! I get to see you trooromw and cdulde with you and ksis you and hug you and hlod you for as lnog as I wnat! :D

Anonymous said...

seriously took a moment for me to figure out your code. lol. feelin better yet?