Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Just Two Years

I have been working in Lethbridge Alberta for two years.
To those reading this that probably doesn’t sound like that long.
And for me seeing it written down seems almost insignificant.
But it’s been two years.

When people ask about what I do for a job I’ll give them a brief description.
For the most part they are impressed and make some form of comment that I have what sounds like a great job.
I cannot argue
There’s really nothing I can say

When people come to my house they are impress because it’s in the new part of town
Yes it is a cute house
But I only sleep and eat in it
It’s a house…with a dishwasher

People have stopped asking me that question
You know that one that EVERYONE asked you as you approach graduation
The question everyone asked when your young and ready to conquer the world
“So, Teaka, what do you want to do with your life?”
I haven’t heard that for a good year

Apparently….my “conquering the world” phase is over
Real life sets in….and this is it.
…I can’t have this for the rest of my life…..
……I’m not done!!!!!!


JDR said...

heh, people still ask me that! You will never be done "conquering the world"! There will always be something more!

Christine Killam said...

I love reading your blog/thoughts. Isn't that funny that you noticed the questions stopped. After reading your blog, I realize that I have not been asked that question in a really long time. It is great that you are still's kinda like we get in this comfort zone and then....real life happens! Change is great...learning new things is powerful...and exploring all that is out there is just the beginning of real life.

Tommi said...

i'm going to read your blog...
and when people ask you that question say "I will take over the world!" just to see their reactions and maybe drop a hint.