Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Book

A tiny leather bound notebook was given the assignment to hold the secret messages and thoughts of the one who loved another.

It knew that there were many notebook that could have been chosen for this assignment so the little book held it in high regards to keep the words and doodles with special care and shelter from the rough world around it.

Over the course of time the pages began to fill. Slowly and artfully some days and fast and simple on other days.

Every once and awhile the notebook would be opened by the one whom the words were written for but whenever possible the lover would keep the book to continue writing in it.

One a few occasions the notebook even started getting little messages from the loved one for the one who normal wrote in it.

Then came the day that the book realized there were no more pages left to be filled. It was now finished....it was now a book filled with love!

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