Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Penny House

I'm at work now but my thoughts have been left in a different building. A tiny coffee shop in the down town core of the city. I wasn't really over memorized by the structure, the food, the people or even the over all quality but it was a new place to me with a different vibe to it and that's what I enjoyed most. So I'm going to do my best to try and describe this place.
I had suggested the coffee shop to a friend when we decided to hang out with a bit of our spare time. It was half past noon when we met up so the little shop's was almost literally overflowing with a lunch seeking crowd. The tables were cramped and chairs pulled in tight to make as much walking (rather squeeze space) as possible. I could see that my friend had some how managed to save a tiny table at the far end of the room so sucked in my body mass as much as possible and attempt my way around other inhaling people, moving chairs and flaying arms. I somehow make it over and she laughs as I victoriously flop myself down to the table.
“Haha, uhm maybe coffee at noon wasn't the best of my ideas!” She half giggled half shouts. We laugh it off and decided to try making our way to the counter to order our drinks. The menu is a chalk board high above us with colorful drawing and hard to read food and coffee options.
I soon notice something while casually glancing around at those sitting and standing around and that's how out of place the man ahead of us looks. He's defiantly dressed to impress with his suit and tie outfit, gelled up hair, freshly shaven face and leather brief case by his side. Though perfectly dressed for downtown business the people who surround him have an obvious artistic outdoorsy flare to them not only in their dress but stance and speech. Dreadlocks and died hair, bandannas and hemp necklaces seem to adorn everyone yet all the while still held in an almost posh way.
It's our time to order so I go ahead and ask for an Mango Italian Soda and my friend and a Double Chocolate frappuccino.
We sit down again and casually chat about certain past events and what's going on in our lives yet are constantly interrupted by the near by chats. The men at table left proclaim the “crap” in the new's paper as “all lies!” one almost shouts as he points to an article. The table behind me are talk, rather debating over some new governmental law that may be passed and the table to our right is a quite middle aged couple discussing plans for an upcoming vacation.
Within 5 minutes our drinks arrived and we sampled each others. Nothing amazing but it defiantly hit the spot.
My eye's are drawn to a row of art work newly displayed on the walls. Apparently the shop prides themselves as a walk in art gallery with constantly changing pieces from local artist. This session of art consisted of a single objects (calculator, black rubber glove and so forth) in a white frame overlaid with a white transparent paper. ...Interesting.
When it's time to get going we leave our half empty glasses on the table and find it a little easer to walk out as the lunch crowed has dissipated.

I'd go there again! :)

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JDR said...

Oooo....sounds like a lunch adventure! I could almost smell, almost feel, it was almost like I was there, you described it very well, if I am ever there, it will be like I was there once before now!