Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Past 1:00pm

Even though it's a little after 1pm and so my lunch break is over there really isn't anybody in the production area of the station as they all went out for lunch to say good bye to an employee. I'd have love to have gone but I really can't afford it. Oh well.
And really theres nothing to much to blog about. Well theres always something I could say ....just nothing coming to mind at this exact moment.
I'm looking foward to this week to really get started on my class studies and take it seriously. I can really begin looking into my research paper more and though I know I'll find every excuse out there to avoid it...I think it'll be enjoyable once I get started. It normally always turns out that way anyways.
Well...ok ya nothing more to say...
Oh I must say that popcorn really isn't filling at all! So if I was to stuff my mouth full of popcorn and just chew it down I could condense it down to the size of my pink's fingernail!...yep...it's all fluff and AIR! Just a thought.

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