Saturday, September 06, 2008

Out Blogged?

Little did I know that one could add so many features to a blog site. Also little did I care to do so. Yet upon looking at a certian other's site and noticing a great many improvment from the typical site's templates I see there's so much more to "spruce" up my page.
Yet feeling sort of convicted too I REFUSE to be caught up in a wave of exciting visuals and eye catching...stuff!
No sir I choose to stay to the very core of what my blog is about! Yep, and that's about just having a place to quickly type out the easy stuff in life when I don't have a journal around!
So I.......choose simplicity for one reason only..................too keep the essence of my blogging!

....and maybe because I have no clue how to add all those extra....nice stuff.

1 comment:

JDR said...

hmm...I could help you! :D