Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was just reading one of my sister's older blogs and I came across one she had written that I too wanted to give my own spin too.

One minute ago I was reading Elizabeth's blog
One hour ago I was time coding footage from The Cry for a segment
One day ago I was taking walk on a gravel road tears ready to spill out
One week ago I was working all evenings for a live broadcasting
One month ago was moving into a new
One year ago I was praying to God that I would get involved in something bigger
5 years ago I was 16, scared that I'd never get my drivers license
10 years ago I was 11 and I thought it was unfair that I had to do chicken chores after school!
In one minute I will getting back to work
In one hour I will be cleaning up the green room once the host and guest leave
In one day I will be waiting for Elizabeth to come to Lethbridge and helping out with the OneBodyFest
In one month I will be....thinking about running away :S
In one year I will know only a little more and want to try something new
In 5 years I will have made sense of life a little more and experienced life beyond what I am surrounded with
In 10 year I 31, still wearing scarves and dreaming about running away to do the things I'm too scared to do now.

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