Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cozy Happy

So this morning I woke up very cozy and happy to get out of bed and start my day and I started to make a list in my mind of why I'm happy right now! So here's the list as I went about my day and I'm adding on more as I think of them! :)

1)I love my mattress
2)I love my pillow
3)New blinds to properly cover my window
4)Blinds that open properly so I can see the morning
5)The pile of dirty laundry on the floor (means I have many towels to wrap myself in)
6)Bright yellow fuzzy socks
7)Jonathan (who gave me my bright yellow fuzzy socks)
8)The guitar (Jonathan is allowing me to borrow!!!) at the conner of my bed for easy reach
9)My nightstand by brother made me
10) The pile of papers and books on the floor for my sociology class
11)I have a sociology TEXT book now
12) My computer by by sociology book has Internet!
13) Happy that the guys down stair are friendly and willing to come up and fix my tiny little computer issues (I'm gonna make them some muffins soon!)
14) My warm shower
15) Invigorating smelling lemon body wash
16) Once again the wonderful feeling of being wrapped in towels!!!!
17)A cherry roommate!
18)The smell of her maple oatmeal she was eating this morning (Hhhhmmm smelt so good!)
19) Cozy on my bed doing my makeup (something I also just randomly enjoy)
20) Yesterday I was able to but my favorite hair product to curl my hair
21) Love my curly hair!
22) Blueberry bagel.....hmmmm warm
23) Freshly brushed teeth
24) Spare time to read a bit of my bible
25) Raining outside
26) Enjoyed my distance from the house to work (perfect to get mind ready for work!)
27) Cup of hot chocolate

Anyways so that was my morning list and of course I could go on for the REST of the day....but that would take much much to long!

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JDR said...

Yay! I was mentioned twice! :D