Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life Lesson

I'm back to work now after two wonderful weeks of holidays.
It's funny how hard it is to shift into holiday mode but even more so how difficult it is to transition back into the office world! Gah! I'm noticing something about myself as I'm being put more and more under certain stressful situations that in the scheme of things I'm a big picture thinker! In most everything I try to tackle I know what I want the end result to be!

Examples: In moving to a new house I know I want I cute little place I feel at home in and that I can have friends over who feel equally as relaxed....I neglect to realize that one must work at all the smaller details like the boxes that needs to be organized and cleaned up, the utilities bills and trying to figure out the darn vacuum cleaner!

For work I have idea's for segments and the more I think about them the bigger they get! Yet I forget that I have to take into consideration that I have to share edit time with other shows and that I don't have time to always be outside of the office running around doing interviews! Along with a fastly approaching due date for a number of the segments I'm feeling VERY overwhelmed with my vast amount to complete!

Or even with planning parties....I simply just want a bunch of people over and have a great time...but I forget that one must actually plan what the people are going to do in order to have a good time!

Haha I get that a lot of this stuff is pretty common sense and this doesn't happen all the time but when it does I have to just shake my head and step back to really figure out how I can get the results I want instead of just assuming they will happen if I just think them up!

Anyways...back to work for me.
Just wanted to make note of the little “life lesson” I'm currently learning!

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