Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a Place to Stay

Currently I'm in a process of trying to find a place in town for a roomate and I to stay. Though I could move in her two bedroom basement suit it's a good 10 minute drive out of town and my cell doesn't work in the basement. Everything else about her place is lovely and though I can tell we each have two VERY different design taste...the place itself does have potential to be cute! But living so far away from the hub of things (haha not that Lethbridge is really a hyped up town) is a disadvantage for gas and just randomly running around like I enjoy doing!) Also having ZERO cell service in the very home I live in would be pointless as theres no landline there either! Haha but of course that could be changed!
But anyways so either way the two of us have decided we should stick together as roommates a try our hands at possibly finding a place in town! It's quite a process I must admit. I've called 6 potential...sadly could only leave messages so now I'm in a waiting and looking game. Oi vey I pray God shows us a where to look and that the right people will have a place for us!
OOOooh but I can't wait to have my own house! Well....suit...whichever a place I can call home for a little while here in Lethbridge! Oh it would be wonderful!!!

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