Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I never really realized how good everything in my life is right now concerning location. I always knew I'd move away and now that's it's happening I now know how much I'll miss it! I could have defiantly stayed longer resulting in me moving into an apartment, having a great job and amazing friends but I know that my content life would only stay like that...content, comfortable and with out a care! That's why I had to force myself to set a date and be ready to leave before I got to settled in! Haha even looking back into older journal entries I warned myself about getting to comfortable in this place.
So now I'm moving onto something new and though it's going to defy all logic and I realize how unsafe it is for future, considering I'm giving up security in so many ways, I'm more excited for this stretch than ever before! I'm not sure which way it's going to go but either way come the nearing of summer theres going to be some major changes! :)


Anonymous said...

where are you going doll?

Teaka said...

...who is this?
I can't just tell any stranger my life! Tehe