Monday, March 17, 2008

Alteration in my Plans

Have you ever felt so excited for the time your in but at the same time anxious for it to pass? Wanting to so badly start another leg in your life but you have no idea if it will ever even happen. I have a feeling that come a few months from now I'll know for sure where my life will start going. Either away something is bound to change.
It feel like I categorize everything in my life as phases within a time line. So once I finish this area in my life I can move onto something new which should happen around such and such a I wait for it. No I build up to it. Change or more I suppose an alteration in my own plans, could be anything and the odd thing is that every time I go back home it's like that is when a new phase begins. I always end up noticing something about the world around me and I have sit back and really evaluate what just happened knowing that when I go to my life in Lethbridge there is an inevitability for change. Small or big something different will happen.


Elina said...

hey Teaka.. it was awesome finally meeting you as I'd heard about you a million times and had even started wearing your clothes.. :)I'll bookmark your blog so I can see where God leads you next.

Anonymous said...

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