Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A lot of Product

There's sure a lot of product out there for “Living the Christian Life,” “How to be On Fire,” “Sign, Miracle and Wonders,” “How to be an Effective Witness,” “Theology,” “Purpose For You on Earth,” “What the Church is Missing,” “What You Missing!” If there's a topic out that could be covered theres a book, cd, audio message on it!
I went to a Christian book store and quite honestly I never really noticed before how commercialized Christianity is becoming. There was like 90 books (exaggeration) talking about the real meaning of the book of John and taking it apart bit by bit. Each saying the exact same as the other book or fallowing a competely different path. I looked in the music section and found there to be hundreds of worship cd's that'll help “usher” you into the presence of God. T-shirts, a mugs, posters and pamphlets with step by step procedures on how to pray for people!
My God! Does every Christian leader feel the need to have themselves known. Quite honestly I'm finding that the few “Christian Classics” that have been published years ago have more to be say and leave enough unsaid that force the reader/listener to dig into the problem themselves. With product on any topic out there where does it leave time for people to yearn for themselves where they don't have anything to run to but finally just seek out God.
It's SO easy to feed off of everything else out there. Getting stirred from someone else's sermon, from a powerful worship session lead by a key worship leader, spending more time in that book on what's wrong with the modern church than with just prayer.
My God I don't want another sermon on how to properly pray, on how to get stirred, how to be the lover of God, how to be a “REAL” Christian and after hearing it feel pumped and excited for a day or week and flow back into life as we know it.
Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to bash Christian product out there. Just I'm questioning our reliance on it when in reality none of these products will effect us unless we've receive a revelation for ourselves.
...ya...well anyways....just my little spiel.

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Elizabeth said...

..."there's no new thing under the sun" (sound familiar?)
No one can say they have discovered a new "revelation," anything we need to know concerning our lives as Christian is already in the Bible.
Sure man's options are fine but there’re just that opinions
That’s why I like the BIBLE :-)
I'll try to blog more