Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About things

I'm NEVER wearing this thick wool sweater to work again! My gosh I can hardly stay awake I'm so sleepy and uncomfortable. My neck feels claustrophobic,...AHHhhhh. Ok breath teaka. ok lets think about other things....

1)I bought a new blazer...not sure why...but I did.

2)I'm excited for the weekend because
I get to see Jonathan!!!
I'm so pumped for Liz to see her gift!
I get to leave work early (thank GOD!)
I normally love the drive home (this time I have an mp3 set up for my car)

3)I really want to get serious about the gym...I'm so fluxing up and down (not cool)

4)'s what the sticky notes around my computer say
New # 1-866-719-4545 product
1:00pm cake and coffee (this ones old)
Dewayne's number ?
TTP-make new(?)
-information on guests
Talk to Josh for EFT product promo
Partner Week
-food preparation

5)Uhm right now I'm trying to work on a product promo for Shawn Gabie's manual and CD set on “School of the Prophetic 101”

6)Pastor Craig B. is taping right now and we have the it live playing in The Plumbline office....this does not help with my concentration

7)I'm thankful for phones.

8)My nails are so dry...and flimsy...rather sad

9)Right at this moment Helena is in the office taking a sushi order from Renea

10)I'm seriously expecting a box of “wisdom and understanding” from Ryan on my birthday. If not than he can't rag on me again! Haha

11)Theres some pretty flowers on the filing cabinet

12) And I just realized how bored I must be making the reader...if read at all....thus I'll just end this random blog now and get back to pretending to work. :)

oi vey

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Anonymous said...

YAY! I think this is the first time I was mentioned on your blog!!! :D