Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank You Cheryl&Co Gourmet

An exciting moment to start off work this morning. Upon coming into our office one of my co-work discovered a parcel on her desk. There was no description of who it was from except a single address from a shipping company Ohio. She opened it up to find a Christmas gift sealed with a gold lable “Cheryl & Co Gourmet”...er...ok. So after we smothered around her and she opened it up what a pure delight to find singly wrapped gourmet cookies. Who were they from? Well after she called up the shipping company and they did some researchers she finally found out who they were from. Widkers Publishing Company, a book publishing office The Plumbline has started to work with and we've used a few of their authors on our program. I guess it was just a gift of thank you and Merry Christmas...haha but it seemed so random to get cookies...gourmet cookies on top of that.
Haha none the less this was a thrill for us....I enjoyed a REAL tasty snikkerdoodle this morning.

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