Saturday, December 15, 2007

Please Don't Destroy My Light

I’m assuming that we own the most ridiculous and mocking vacuum cleaner out there! Oh sure it sucks up the junk real swell, gets into tight corners easily and it’s small enough to store in tight places. Therefore from the description one would swipe it off the shelf and deem it a perfect match for your household needs. But this is quite the opposite for me. In attempts to vacuum my room I was overwhelmed with the on and off power for this little beast. Sucking up my socks and coins right into the dust bag! I nearly took out my ceiling light figure! Yes I said ceiling! While attempting to wrestle my bedroom carpet out of the gripping teeth I took one last yank with either ends and with the pulling back force, my vacuum flung its self up into the air nearly coming into contact with my light! Who could have know something so useful could be so destructive!…..oi vey!

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LulzSec said...

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