Monday, October 29, 2007

Ten Random Things

1)I'm working on a promo for a book called “There Is More” by Randy Clark.....which by the way isn't flowing as nicely as my last one....oh well
2)Right now “I Will Run” by Misty Edwards is playing on my MP3.
3)I have to go to Schwartz Registration and Insurance this afternoon to pick up a green form in order to begin the provincial inspection on my car all over again.
4)Yesterday I found a sweater I totally forgot about from last year's winter and now have deemed it my new favorite shirt! :)
5)I'm going to the gym tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that..ect
6)I've got 3 books by my bed that I'm “reading”'s a long process...oi
7)I took a walk in a park I've never seen before Pavan's beyond beauitful!
8)Christmas is coming and all I can think about is living on the farm for a week and I'm totally over thinking what I'll do...thus I may be bored of winter too soon....must stay focused on other things.
9)Worst paper cuts to get are on your knuckles...ouch
10) I'm totally not focused on the task at hand....obviously

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