Friday, October 26, 2007

The Pursuit of Keys

So within one weekend the miracle channel has to find 25,000 little keys to send off to all the partners or for certain pledge amounts. Haha so the first person they go to is....ME!!! Awhile ago I searched high and low, all over the city for the perfect set of keys for a product promo. I finally found some in a craft store hidden behind stuff and well after the works even said they didn't have any...oh I found them! I was called upon with my great hunting skills to help track down the same keys to get a whole lot of them...well common 25,000 and a HUGE amount. All I can do is laugh...cause in all reality theres no way they'll beable to obtain 25,000 keys by what store would carry that many? Anyways I just find it comical...I knew these little keys I search high and low for were simply fabulous.
Hahaha.....oh lordy but I hope we do find them

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