Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chessy Voice Over

Cheesy Voice Over!!!
Blah, why can't I write a good voice over for this one darn promo?! Ahh it's sounding terrible but I'll have to say it's rather hard to write a catchy information piece when the whole book is rather written cheesy, yet over all has amazing content. So what do I say.... “The Prophet's Dictionary by Paula Price is an amazing tool for those seeking to understand and experience the prophetic ministry. Once you get pass the cheesy beginning and description you'll be over come with the bountiful amount of....definitions....and words.”
IT'S A DICTIONARY!!!!!!.....how else do you make it any more exciting. As soon as you insert that very word it drops the viewers interest like 40%! Oh Lord give me strength!


Elizabeth said...

a prophet's dictionary...?

Teaka said...

yep....it's not actually as lame as it sounds. Just a compilment of all the terms out there so that you don't mix them up with other ordinary content. Like what occults use for symbolism as apposed to God.
....but like I said...a dictionary...dull