Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lip Gloss

The thing about lip gloss is that perhaps it could be one of the easiest way to perk up any girls self image... it's a self image booster withing a few quick brushes. I was rummaging through a day bag when I noticed I have a rather large collection of these wonderful little bottles. All varying in color, sparkle, gloss, and size. Just laying them all out I'll have to admit may me rather...happy. Yes yes I know it's all a rather vain thing to admit....but every girl has her own love......I've discovered mine is gloss......it's the icing on a cake, and shine on my lips...OOOooooh I do love the look of even the little bottles nicely lined up. Vain? Yes....but oOOooh so satisfying.
just a thought for the day

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