Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick update

Here's a quick update.
So my whole car issue thing was pretty much solved. Hahaha and you know how I was hoping it would just be miraclously it was. Two guys at work actually fixed my problem and what a blessing cause the one refussed to take any of my money. I've discovered that if anybody refures to a gift as a "blessing" which it totally was, well you really aren't allowed to reget a blessing. In anycase that was amazing!....but lets just say my car is still no perfect...far from it.
What else...oh just life in general. I'm freaked out about a segment I'm making. Unfortunaltly I haven't put much effort in to my final project just before I leave for the summer. Which is sad because they have really given me way too much time in an effort to make sure I have a great segment. Sigh...oh dear I really need to step it up!
And yeah....something I'd just rather not even write about because I don't even know where to could take up page after page after page of my complete blabbing.
So I'll leave that for another time....when I'm real bored I suppose.

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