Monday, May 28, 2007

Psalms 138:8

I've concluded something....ahem
I have no problems!....sounds unreasonable?
1)I have the right to think my problems are big and that the rest of the world should care...when in reality everyone else thinks the other person's problems don't really compare to their own.
2)People think they should have drama in their life and if nothings happening...well they'll mental create one
3)Sometimes we forget that people don't like being around negative people
Ok sounds harsh but I've tried being negative....I mean I've tried feeling sorry for myself....but I've concluded that I don't need to have drama if it's not going to help.
Tada....I'm allowed to be upset...but there's bigger solution for myself (not for everyone) is to just suck it up and forge ahead. Because my God will perfect that which concerns me!

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