Thursday, May 10, 2007

Please Don't Pass the Food!

Hmmm maybe this whole "I Haven't The Heck Clue What's Going On!" feeling is a good thing. But I have a feeling it's not. I'm not eating.....ok not that extream but my stomic really can't hold much of anything this week.
Monday-nothing, well of course water for each day
Tuesday-a few peices of sushi,a small slushi, a piece of a bread stick
Wednesday-one hot dog
Thursday- glass of milk, an apple and a few baby carrots
Ugh...I can really feel the effects though especially yesterday when I was out physically working out with planting a bunch of bulbs in a hug feild. Sigh...I realized this whole thing this morning so I forced myself to drink some milk and bring veggies for lunch but really it took alot of mental persuation so my stomic would not throw it back out. Ugh....

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