Thursday, April 05, 2007

What am I ready for?

Ever get that feeling that you'd better start getting ready but your not sure what your suppose to get ready for?.....Yeah me neither but today oddly feels like it. Perhaps its the inevitable fact that change is about to come again in my life to a degree that I'm not even sure what this change all encompasses. At the same time it's not something that I'm frightfully waiting for as if anticipating something in some form of suspenses. I know that I can simply start any moment now, just up and begin all over again but I still feel like I have to prepare first. Measure twice cut once. The question remains with what I'm suppose to prepare for? How do I prepare? And, why the heck do I need to prepare for this? *Slapping head...but I know the answers to all of these. I just don't want to start. Yet if it's up to me how will I ever start?
Yeah you don't have to understand what I'm talking about....

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