Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm probably

I'm probably one of the worst people someone can go to when they need help. Though I'm great at listening things rather stop there. Cause ask me what my opinion on the subject is? Or what you should do next? Or make a statment that needs either varification or back up I usally go blank. I'm way to timid to really tell you what I'm thinking cause I've never experienced what you've gone through so I can't say what you need to hear cause i don't know what that is!!! I wish I could be a better friend and support you with words and encouragment but for the most part the only thing I can do is listen and let the other more experienced or opinioned people really say whats on their mind.....they can say it so much better.
I can only be there when you need to get away or need someone to listen....thats me

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Tommi said...

you were amazing support for me.