Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Best Feeling for Today

Best feeling for today!
I was told I was doing a great job. Yes a rather simple compliment but it was said at the right time when I most needed it.
(the person who I'm job shadowing) approached me reestablish the fact that I'm doing a good job in what I'm trying hard to learn. Lately after feeling completely lost and in need of some form of support I've been questioning if people could perhaps be second guessing their reasoning for me to be even here. Yes I know I totally over think things but it happens and I get somewhat stressed. So simply having her approach me and build me up in a straight out, unflattering type way has really calmed me down. I'm most looking forward to one day being grounded in what I do so that I'll freely be able to give out orders, know what I'm doing and most importantly be confident enough in my ability to actually execute the ideas in my head.

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