Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Time Change Thing

This whole time change thing is truly driving me crazy! It just seems like last month that I had to change my time and live an hour behind and now I'm living as normal or what could mean an hour ahead. This morning I could hardly pull myself out of my extremely comfy bed for though my newly changed alarm said it was really 7:00am my body it was still saying and feeling like it was 6:00am. Yeppers I think I'll be napping a bit this afternoon. One plus will be that once I'm done work at the end of the day which is at 5:00pm it'll really be 4:00pm like before and so I'll have light to run in instead of going to the gym. I'd much rather take my run outside even if it's flippen cold! The gym smell! That's probably my only good reason...a smelly gym is never inviting for any one...unless you a die hearted athlete...which I'm not! :) Though perhaps someday I could be, but it's not at all in my desire or passions right now...right now my desire is to shapen up for summer. Is shapen up a work....? Hmmmmm
Anyhow...well that killed a whee bit of time.


JDR said...

haha, well...if Saskatchewan was cool like the rest of the world and changed too it wouldn't be so hard! for that movie...never again!!! Bah...feel soo....violated! We need a good one next week k! I AM SAM! That's a relallly good one you will like that one...something good anyway!

Tommi said...

It's true the gym does smell.