Friday, March 30, 2007

A Day in the Life of Me

A day in your life...
Good Morning Sunshine...
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?:Middle..its a single bed
Do you make your bed up daily?:yes sir I do
What kind of toothpaste do you use?:Crest!!
Are you brand loyal?:Nope
What color is your washcloth? I think navy
Do you put the toilet seat down BEFORE you flush?:....oh no...
Do you watch tv or linger around before heading out to work?:If theres time to kill I usally read my bible
Do you adjust your thermostat before leaving for the day?:no
What do you eat for breakfast?:toast or latley fruit
How do you take your coffee?:down the sink...ugh coffee's gross
Halfway There...
What time do you take a lunch break?:11:30am with Fee
Do you take your lunch or go out?:I bring my lunch
What is a typical meal?:A salad, or veggie's, yogurt, and an apple
Have you ever taken a nap during your lunch break?:I wish
Is there anyone you usually eat lunch with (other than yourself)?:Fee and who ever else is at our table
Do you ever spend your lunch completing surveys? LOL:Hahhaha no I waist perfectly good work hours for these perfeclty pointless surveys
What do you do for lunch on Saturdays?:depends...lunch with friends or go home and sleep
Do you ever sneak in a long lunch?:not usally
Its Quittin Time...
What time do you get off of work?:5:00pm
How many miles do you live from your job?:like 2 miles
How long is the evening ride (commute) on a typical day?:3 minutes....and 43 seconds...psh I'm not sure
What is the first thing you do when you walk in your front door?:head down stairs and clean up my morning mess cause I never have enough time in the morning to clean up
Do you leave your shoes at the door?:no I take them down with me
What's for dinner?:....depends.
Did you cook it?:nope
Ever had a funny mishap in the kitchen? Please share.:....k so it's almost the end of the day on a Friday...I really can't think
Will your friends eat your cooking?:sure...but I don't think they've ever really have had too
Do you wash dishes by hand or do you use the dishwasher?:hand/dishwasher
Do you let dirty dishes sit overnight?:I try not too
Do you consider sweeping the floor a routine part of cleaning the kitchen?:nope
Do you leave any lights on in the kitchen after you've cleaned it?:uh...if I'm not gonna be in there than yeah I turn the lights off
Do you have flour and sugar in your kitchen right now?:yep
What about bread, milk, and eggs?:yep
What tv shows are a must during the week?:Actually I hardly ever watch tv
What time do you start getting ready for bed?:10:00pm-11:00pm
What is your evening routine?:take out contacts, wash off makeup, brush teeth, scrub face, lotion on my face, brush hair, journal, and off to sleep
Do you check your alarm at night?:yep
What time is it set for?:6:51am
What do you wear to bed?:...pjs....must I get into detials
What color are your sheets?:pale green
How often do you wash them? and awhile
Do you sleep under the sheets or on top?:under
Do you sleep under your comforter?:yep
Is your closet door open or closed?:closed
What about your bedroom door?:closed
Do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on?:Sometimes I have my mps playing lightly in the background
Do you snore? If so, do you care?:I hope not
What position do you fall asleep in?:on my back or side
Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Any specific time?:alarm wakes me
Do you have any re-occurring dreams or nightmares?:.....yeah
Do you remember your dreams?:sometimes
What do you do if you're awaken by a disturbing dream or nightmare?:I journal it, pray and fall back asleep
Sweet Dreams...:...are a good thing
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