Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Am I Professional?

I question my “professionablilty” sometimes, especially now that I work in such a ...a well professional place. For instants, today I was heading up my very first interview with three men for a segment I am making on the Global Day of Prayer. Everything was going fine and though I was a little nervous at first when I finally did show each man to the place we were shooting the interview I found myself very relaxed and over all enjoying myself. My questions were good, the lighting, camera and everything was real good so all may have seemed almost perfect. That is on the outside. For each interview I found that after asking each question my mind completely wen the other direction.
Here's pretty much what was going through my head for each person:

Man #1's interview: “ tomorrow I'm going to Medicine Hat. I wonder if I should bring my mp3 in case the trip gets strange silent moments. I don't deal well with oddish silent times. Yeah and I should down load some new songs....who should I get?” *snap out of it as the man waits for the second question.

Man #2's interview: “I can't believe it's already 2:00pm. Soon it'll be tomrrow, and the next day and the next day...and then maybe I'll be hired here. Wow...I wonder if I'll ever get any good at this job? Well come on Teaka you're not even paying attention to the guys answers.”*snap out of it as the man waits for the next question.

Man #3's interview: “Hmmm... I'm hungry. I wonder if I should go back to my house for supper tonight. Maybe but I could skip supper and just call my sister instead. I guess I also need to pick up gas........Gosh this guy doesn't blink!!!!!!!!!!” *Snap out of it was I realize that times up and I don't even remember what question I just asked what do I ask him next?

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