Saturday, February 03, 2007


Who do I miss? A lot of fact I'm begining to miss home again. I thought I was doing fine and that Lethbridge was starting to feel better but today just brought back my longing for something back home. No perticular even happened just after being out for a few hours and coming back to this house just settled in my heart my tug for something else. But I'm just not sure what I'm longing for. Right now I certianly don't plane on going back for awhile...but I guess I miss the comfort of having familar people comfort zone I suppose. I hate feeling like the second person...the fallower not the leader...and though I don't have to lead a pack I'm just saying I hate being over looked just as the second wheel where ever I go. In anycase I'm just missing home right now. Tommorow will be better.

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