Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just Something I Noticed

I just noticed something.

Certain people I can talk to, spill out everything and within 10 minutes that person will know secrets and desires that other people whom I'm closer too have no clue about. It's like I know that I may have only that one moment to talk to them and things just flow out. But I really wasn't wanting that more or less random person to know all that stuff I just said....I really want the people I trust and love to know this. But why is it that I can't express it as easily to the people I'm close too? Certain topics are flow out better with a cup of hot chocolate at a coffee shop with friends and they mean much more, while others just stream out around your cubical with people you like but aren't so involved with...yet those moments mean are as heart felt. Ah it's just something I noticed.

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