Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25 = Opposite Day

Ever wonder what special day your birthday falls on. Well apparently my birthday is also on Opposite Day! the thought and idea of the day is tha you do everthing opposite of what you were originally going to do. I find this over all confusing. After attempting to brush my teeth opposite, using my left hand instead of my right, driving to work turning right instead of left which only left me in the middle of somee odd country road side, getting a flat on my car but changing the left wheel instead of the flat right one, needing more antifreeze so I filled up the windshield washer fluid instead...well over all opposite days don't work out at all! In case your actually wondering I didn't do any of those things...just my mind begining to detour from the task at hand. I'm none the lss thrilled that it's my "special" day. YEAH FOR ME!!!!


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Know what else our January 25 is... it's India's Independents Day, not bad hey