Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cooked Carrots

I guess I’m just going to have to get used to things. Do you ever get that longing for something more but know you can’t have it until you finished what your suppose to do first. “Teaka, you can’t have any dessert until you eat ALL your cooked carrots!!!” Not that I’m relating Lethbridge to cook carrots. Actually since I know I’m suppose to be hear life feels extremely satisfying, and I defiantly have a peace. But, I guess being anxiousness too see what else is in store or what else I can do is a major thought pattern that I need to calm down a bit. Ifn’s that makes sense. I know, I know be anxious for nothing but in prayer and supplications make your request known to God (or something along that line.) Yet this could be a good thing…… I mean not feeling ready to settle down quite yet. In fact I really can’t picture myself settling down in a while. Hey and if I do end up staying in Lethbridge, get married, have kids and just have that type of life…well some one slap me! I know desire change with time and sure 1 to 5 years from now things may look different but right now I just want to do something! Something beyond education and a career building job….ministry, but that is way too broad! It’s like saying I want to work in the Arts…..uhm ok but what. Yet at this time I feel oddly calm about waiting…because I know if I wait instead of jumping to my feet to the first good sounding option out there then things won’t become so dull and lifeless like a missed something, . Yep waiting….good stuff.

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