Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thoughts for the Day

Truelly my Mom is getting smarter and smarter each time I talk to her...or maybe it's me. Nah! I know everything, right?!!!!! Mom calls at just the right time and though I'v never been real close to her, lately it seems to more and more easy to talk to her...I guess things just spill out. Plus things make sence to sucks when people around feel they can tell you a pile of secrets but something inside of you holds back....Moms can be trusted and are good for just listening. I feel like all I can really do is listen to other people's hearts, desires, passions, problems, sorrows and whatnot. Before when I had everything to say now I have nothing. Like I'm afraid I'll spill something out that I never intended to be heard. So when I finally do get the chance to pour out my mind and heart I loth the idea of expressing these's thoughts to someone I don't completly trust yet. Plus it usally takes me awhile to explain what I'm thinking and I hate blabbering infront of other people who just want to talk about themselves. I love to listen to people cause I know everybody wants to be heard and I know I'm a good listener. But I can only take it for so long before I feel pushed back. ........yep my thoughts for the day!

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