Friday, December 22, 2006

Escalators and Elevators

I love it when I have dreams that make me realized something significant in my life... or rather points out somthing I never knew I was attached too. I dreamt that I was someplace farway but close enough to try and find my way back. I guess I had travel far away for something...I think it was like a conference or somthing and I had to find a way back to Lethbridge by myself. I remember feeling rather lost because the distance back was so much longer and much harder. At one point I found this family who also were traveling back to there home and they said I could tag along for awhile so I wouldn't get lost. Yet I felt so uncomfortable becuse the family was so close and I didn't want to split up the family so I decided to once again ventur on my own back to Lethbridge. It was such a hard journey with starnge escalators and elevators that took me no wheres and draw bridges and rope bridges that swung and clasps behind me. At the end of the dream I woke up in almost terror because I could never find my way back to Lethbridge. Hmmm so interesting.

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