Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Normally my tolerance for board games or more specified the game of dice has in the past been rather low. I was one who never minded a good game of cards such as spoons, wizard, cheat, all provided I can remember the exact rules. But being the Christmas week and “Tis the Season” for family and an over all need for group effort games involving conversation that can resolve around six or seven dice well it seems to be mandatory to play the one and only game I could never stand as a younger me. The games is played as such:
1) You start with I believe six dice with a large group of people.
2) One by one each player rolls the six or so dice. If they manage to obtain the #1 (equivalent to 100 points) or #5 (equivalent to 50 points) on any of their dice then they can keep those dice and proceed to roll with the remaining invaluable dice.
3) The point is to open with 500 points on your first try or you move on with zero points to the next player
4) Once you have opened to roll your dice to your hearts content till you either quite out of need of the few points you have gathered or loose everything because you have rolled to many dices and have found that you have no #1 or #5 in you most recent roll.
5) Now here’s the tricky part! If at any moment you roll 2 of the same numbers with all the six dice then it will equal 1500 points, also if you roll 1,2,3,4,5,6, well that’s 1500 point also, 2 pairs of three alike also equal 1500 points… and uhm yah I’m sure that’s it.
6) Nonetheless I find this an over all dull game but necessary when I’m in a group setting. Yeah for good old dice.
7) If I ever met the man who invented this game I’d…

Seriously I don’t know why I wrote out all the instructions to this game…..I guess there was nothing else to blog about. Yeppers

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