Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bonne matinée

After waking up this morning (9:30am, yep sleeping in!!!) I realized that it has been quite some time now since I've actaully had nothing real important on my ajenda to accomplish today. How nice.....yet I guess my brother will be coming down for a visit, and I'll be watching some figure skatting later tonight, but all these things are something I can look foward to, no work involved here. So I just felt like blogging but I guess I don't have much to blog about. But I guess I have stuff to do today beyond this computer so off I go!

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jon said...

I was invited to go watch figure skating too...I want to go...i gotta work tonight though...but i'm on bar, and it's a cash bar, so i'm going to get alot of tips! yay me!