Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where is Christmas?

"...Mary did you know that your baby boy was Lord of all creation? Mary did you know your baby boy would one day rule the nation? Did you know that your baby body is heavens perfect lamb? That the sleeping child your holding is the great I am......"

Sigh though I should be working on this bookreport and I am because I'm almost done it now I still can't help but stop to listen to a few Christmas carols lightly flowing from my speakers. Yah, yah I know, it's only November 7, no snow out and the weather is rather warm concidering the time of month but hey when your in the mood....well no obstical can stop you.

Favoret Christmas Memories
1) Walking up early each morning with all my brothers and sisters and watching Babar on the televsion till Mom and Dad woke up.
2) Listening Christmas eve to Mom and Dad filling our stocking with all the little things that just made it all the more special
3) When the Cyrenne side was over and we all took a long walk outside where all the stars were clearly showing and we almost had a full moon.
4) Going skating with Jason, Joel, Liz, and Caleb on a Christmas afternoon, last year.
5) Secretly I enjoyed midnight mass the one year when we went to the huge Catholice Church in Ponitex. Though I didn't understand what was going on as it was all french something so was so peaceful and silent that night....or was it because I was half asleep? hmmmmmm....


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