Thursday, November 02, 2006

What I've decided

I have decided that my next major purchase, after paying off my glasses, conctacts, car and other unknow expenses at this time, shall my a mac mini laptop computer. I find that this would be rather benificial for me because it seems that lattely I'm become additted to my computer....mind you nothing to exciting ever takes I guess it would be a major $ set back but hey a nice idea isnt it.
I've als decided that I have to kick myself into the next gear so to speak. I mean sure I'm "hard at work" with studies but with Christmas rolling around in two months and evaluations begining I simply must get realistic with myself. I know that I don't catch on to things as well as thouse with photomemory but that doesn't mean I can exel! Right!!!! Wooohooo!!! Pep talking to myself.....yep.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! New glasses are cool!