Thursday, November 02, 2006

Social patterns

Is it insain to think about my "social patterns" and question if I'm doing things right. I mean...I understand that we all have a difrent personality and how we interpret words, ideas, comments, and how we adapet ourself in certian sinarious but...I wonder if I think to much. At the present I don't care if there is an moment of silents if it's comfortable or laughing out loud when I'm the only one who gets the joke.... but what do you do or rather what to you think when you don't feel comfortable in the silent moments because there's simply nothing coming to your mind but you'd really like to say something or if everybody makes witty joke and you just can't catch on.....
I guess just shrug your shoulders. It happens......yep I just answered my own question.

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Anonymous said...

I just smile and nod most the time...and if I think about something I laugh...even if no one knows what I'm laughing about...makes it more fun...sometimes I"ll let them in on the joke! haha