Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 17, 2004 Journal

Hey, people want to know what I was doing and thinking at this time two years ago? I found this in my journal this morning. Funny I kind of feel the same today. Let me take you into the life of Teaka on November 17, 2004 (grade 12).

Nov 17/2004
Here's the new November school newspaper. I think it's pretty good for the second time around. I'll be adding an article for next month on either clothing and modesty or since it will be Christmas time around that month I could write something relating to that. (ok, quick insert here that I had added a newspaper inside my journal, I was appart of the newspaper group for our school at that time...but anyways back to the real journal...) But first I have to get all my homework completed. I have to get my history handed in b the 23rd, yes during my drama season, and I'm not done the rough draft yet! I know it doesn't seem that major of a time crunch but since I don't understand what I'm doing and the text is impossible to understand, well I'm just feelling quite stressed.
Also I feel quite frusterated because I'm lacking God so much, I was doing good last week, I'm just not understanding what I should read inthe bible and praying...well lets not even go there. And do you know they asked Elizabeth and I to say the toast for our Grad Christmas Banquet!!!! Which makes me absolulty upset because I wouldn't know what to say! Also I'm upset with Mom for some odd reason, yes I kow stupid, I don't know why.... I missed two gym classes in a row because I came too late for my ride. Drama pratice is getting uncomfortable with my "kissing" scene and I'd love to just strangle Andrew because I can so tell he does not want to be in this scene...well neighter do I!!!!! Plus we never talk anymore. I can't talk to my friends anymore without sounding all annoyed or really stressed...and I could just SCREAM because I feel like I have nothing, no God to lean on and I'm going to


And everything in me is building up. I'm agrivated to the very depts of me and I'm about to EXPLODE!!!!!! GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!

Yep... I was rather stressed out then.....sort of feeling like that these days.... a mixture of new events and old....

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