Monday, November 13, 2006

Make Me Cry

So I came back to my house this evening (12:35am) and there to my suprise and pure delight laid a bundle of boxes and bags by door. My billeters had went back to Swifty for the weekend and when they cam back my friends and family had created care packages for me.... sniff. I seriously almost cried but excitment over took the sad moments. Tea cups, snacks, a card, a picture from a little girl from church, christmas ordaments, gloves, my old journals, my cd player, magazines, and a new jacket!!!!!! ( I love jackets) It was just like christmas, without anybody around...sigh. But now I'm simply to awake due to my thrill and excitment!!!!!! It ment so much to me!!!!! YEAHHH!!!!! :)
love TeAkA

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