Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Oct 19-5:47am
We all came back to church one Sunday and the pastor gave a chance to give a testimony. Mom got up very quickly and fast. She explained how Grandpa and Grandma each experinece the touch of God in their lives unexpectedly (I don't remember what they each said happend). Then Mom said she went over to their house one day to visit them and she could feel the anointing as she walked in, it was all over her. Before she could say a word to Grandpa and Grandma couldn't hold another word in and explain to Mom that they had each decided to give their lives to God. When Mom said this at church she was laughing so hard on the was a miracle nontheless for my Grandparents to get saved! The whole church went estatic and we praised God so loud and with such passion.
I know this dream was from God!!!! So whats with the phone call?

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